we believe in only using ethically sourced and natural materials in order to create something simple, special and long lasting.

diamonds and gemstones.
the diamonds and gemstones we use in our jewelry are natural, from the earth, ethically sourced and conflict free. 

our white diamonds are near colorless and eye clean.

our designer diamonds are all unique from one another and no two are alike. some may be salt and pepper, some may have an interesting color or hue, but one thing is certain, every one is special.

we design around the stone, not the other way round. by choosing the jewelry you love, you are choosing the only one like it. your choice enables you to be individual. it's good to be you!


we exclusively create all of our rings in 14k solid gold. we believe in creating fine jewelry that can be worn everyday with confidence knowing it is durable, will never discolor and will be valuable enough to pass down to your number 1.

only using solid gold material is important to us, because we want you to feel the value of owning a fancy gray ring.