care + repair.

within 60 days from the date of purchase, repairs are on us. simply email us at to initiate your repair and we can send you a shipping label. 
we are happy to initiate repairs, yet we do not cover any lost or damaged diamonds and gemstones due to wear and tear. please contact us if this has occurred and we will quote you to replace the stone. 

past 60 days and still need a repair? we got you! contact us at with your issue and we will estimate a repair cost for you. and don't worry, return shipping is still on us. 
*please note that our warranty only applies to Fancy Gray customers that are named on the original purchase receipt. and no alterations have been performed by any independent jewelers previously.

although our items are made in solid 14k gold, they are delicate, intricately designed and individually created by hand. so please take good care of your new fancy gray jewelry.  

we recommend: 
1. take your rings off while washing your hands with harsh soaps or using household cleaning products.
2. going for a dip in the pool or taking a shower? best to leave your rings high and dry.
3. use a soft bristle babies toothbrush, warm water and a non abrasive dish soap. mix, then give it a gentle scrub and rinse.