why gemstones are hotter than diamonds...

we are seeing a trend in 2019's fashion jewelry market.


gemstones are hotter then diamonds in jewelry right now. from the high end collectable market, down to your everyday fashion items.

don't get me wrong, diamonds are, and will forever be the popular choice, but that doesn't dis-credit the surge in love for color.

let's face it, everyone loves a pop of color, whether it's in our living room, our wardrobe or on our fingers. adding individuality to something ordinary is what we all strive for...or at least that's what we want.



let's take a look at the hottest gemstones for 2019 and why we use them in our jewelry.



with living coral being a popular hue this year, translucent opals more on the pink side in particular find themselves in the spotlight. traditionally we know of opals being cabochon cut (domed smooth top and flat bottom). yet, more and more faceted opals are being seen used in jewelry.

we like them better, because the structure of an opal contains lots of little spheres, and each split the light as it hits the stone into all the different colors, so a faceted opal can display these colors better.

as seen in our opal starburst ring. a lovely 1.38ct translucent opal that was mined in mexico. see how the faceted opal has the rainbow lights on display? kinda like a majestic unicorn. 



sapphires come in many colors and forms. not many people know this, but rubys are actually a kind of sapphire too.

what makes sapphires so interesting, is the palette of colors they come in. from deep blues, to bright yellows, to aqua greens, to pure whites and pretty pinks. these allow you to play up those colors with your wardrobe to accentuate your mood or palette.

they all have their unique properties attached to them and some are extremely rare. their colors and origins can also determine their value.

we have an array of burmese sapphires in our one of a kind line. 

the pointed crown ring hosts a 0.44ct royal blue pear shape sapphire that gives that bold rich look that can be warn daily. 

 the spring sun ring hosts a bright 0.32ct rose cut yellow sapphire that really feels up lifting.

and one of our personal favs here at fg, the green goddess. a stunning 0.76ct green sapphire mined in burma. 



some of the earliest reports of tourmaline was actually found in california. but most of todays tourmaline are found in brazil, africa and sri lanka. 

a super popular gemstone in 2019 and a trending tourmaline specimen is the watermelon tourmaline. which is named because of...well...you guessed it, watermelon-like transitional colors. 

tourmaline basic color structure ranges from depths of greens, to yellows then to pinks. when you can have all 3 in one stone you have something very cool.

some of the favs in our one of a kind line featuring tourmalines are;

rosa green. a baguette cut 0.81ct hinted watermelon tourmaline from sri lanka, set in 14k rose gold.

pink lemonade. a 0.63ct square cut pretty pink tourmaline from sri lanka. 

 and the high kite. a 0.27ct kite shape bright lime green tourmaline.


honorable mentions are moonstone and one that a lot of people don't know about, a california native, sunstone. both are becoming super popular and we will be releasing new items featuring these gemstones next month! 

so sign up for our newsletters and be informed first once they are live. 


whatever gemstone you choose, be individual and choose for you. you deserve to feel fancy everyday.


stay you.

stay fancy.


fancy gray.


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