we're bringing fancy back.

we’re bringing fancy back!
change, renew, evolve.
we’ve all had situations arise that alter what’s to come. that’s the exciting thing about life. we’re all learning more about ourselves, who we are and want to be. this doesn’t only happen to individual people, it also happens in the business world and what has happened with Fancy Gray.
we've made the move from Toronto to Los Angeles, and with that came a whole new vision that has been brought to life. we’ve taken a different route than our previous line that puts the focus on the beauty of the materials. this allows us as designers, to put so much more creativity and heart into it. we wanted to create pieces that are just as unique and gorgeous as each of you. jewelry that doesn’t overshadow you, it’s a finishing touch not to complete your outfit, but to add to it. 
don’t you fret, we’re still the same people with the same passion and belief in creating attainable fine jewelry. you have, and will always be our main inspiration and muse.
it’s time for us to come along on your journey. wherever you go, we want in! 
stay you.
stay fancy. 
lydia delides.
co-founder & creative director
fancy gray.

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