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a common jewelry question is - "what is the difference between solid gold, gold plated and gold fill?"

if you google it, you'll come up with countless articles, but we want to break down each type, our opinion on each, and why we exclusively use 14k solid gold in all of our jewelry.



what is solid gold jewelry?

solid gold is expressed by karat (k), and set in 24ths, so pure gold would be 24k (100%). pure gold is too soft (and expensive) to use in everyday jewelry. so it is mixed with other alloys such as copper, nickel, zinc and silver to make it more durable and give it strength to stand up to everyday use. 

depending on the karat allocated, will depend on the percentage of pure gold used.

we chose to use 14k solid gold on all of our jewelry as it is over 58% pure gold. it is strong enough to last up to everyday wear, and considered "fine jewelry" so it is something you can wear and pass down with confidence knowing it is of value. 

so make sure when you invest in a piece of fine jewelry, it is at least 14k solid gold.

our opinion - if you value your jewelry, and wish to have pieces you take pride in owning, then 14k-18k solid gold is for you. it never tarnishes, never fades and never flakes. it is precious enough to house high value gems and diamonds. most engagement rings are created in 14k-18k solid gold. 

we say, solid gold all day!!


what is gold fill jewelry? 

gold fill is achieved by pressure bonding a layer of gold to another metal. gold filled is sometimes confused with gold plated, yet they are 2 different procedures.

although gold filled jewelry doesn't tarnish or rub off as quick as gold plated, it is a low value and low cost alternative to solid gold and is typically suitable for fashion jewelry with a limited lifespan. 

gold fill generally has a little more of a stronger yellow look than solid gold.

our opinion - a nice alternative to solid gold jewelry because of its lower cost. usually items that are gold fill do not house precious gems or diamonds. gold fill will fade eventually, especially if warn often and exposed to moisture.

a more of a; great now, not as great later item.


what is gold plated jewelry?

gold plated jewelry are items that have a very thin layer of gold electrically charged onto a base metal. if that base metal is silver, then this is called "vermeil".

this is the lowest cost and quality alternative of the 3 types. gold vermeil/plated items generally have a lifespan of up to 1 year. 

gold plated jewelry tarnishes, flakes and discolors relatively quickly.

gold plated jewelry looks very yellow in comparison to solid gold, and can have a "fake" look to it.

our opinion - if you are looking for a "wear now" item than gold plated could be for you. it somewhat looks like gold for a short time. we don't recommend if you are looking for something that will last more then 6 months.



when it comes to buying jewelry, whether it is for you or a gift for someone special, it comes down to what will fit their lifestyle better.

fancy gray takes pride in creating solid gold, fine jewelry, showcasing real diamonds and real gems stones, that are attainable and will hold up to everyday wear.

who said you can't have your cake and eat it to ;)


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