oh, you fancy huh?

oh, you fancy huh?

we are so overwhelmed by such an amazing response being back and at it again. we have been eager to get our jewelry back into the world, and finally able to share them with you.


our concept in a nutshell, is 2 lines. this will carry through from rings, to earrings, to necklaces (a little hint as to what’s to come).


our staple line is a simple everyday stackable design. these are meant to be layered or warn in minimalist style. these will feature small, high quality colorless diamonds in different shapes, that keep it more on the classic side. although, we love to throw a couple on a thumb to have a more edgy look…who doesn’t love a thumb ring?

if you want to be more individual (which we know you all are), then check out our one of a kind lines. these feature hand-picked gem stones or designer diamonds as the main feature, surrounded by colorless diamonds to accent the main bling. our designs are simple, yet eclectic. we design our jewelry around the main stone, not the other way around.

a great “for me, from me” gift. go ahead, treat yourself, you deserve to feel fancy.


whether you are outspoken or minimalistic in your style, fancy gray has designed itself to fit your everyday. we are here to add that extra something to complete the look.


it’s your journey, we just want in!


stay you. stay fancy.

fancy gray.

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