what inspires us is likely what inspires you too. we are all sharing this earth. posting our likes, crushes, styles and loves out to the world for everyone to see, comment on and like.

a few times every minute you'll find something that inspires you. whether it relates to what you are going through right now, or something you are aiming for, something will hit you right between your beautiful eyes!

here are some of our inspirations right now (as seen on our Pinterest page - here): 



we love a well designed space here at fg. nothing floats our boat more then minimalist style mixed with modern blends of texture. throw in some leather, beautiful tile and wood here and there, and you got us drooling.






we are drawn to the beach. the waves, the ocean breeze, the salty sea smell and the warm soft sand give us all the chills. 

really, anywhere you can feel the air and sun on your face and we can take a moment to relax, is tops.






we are drawn to volume when it comes to fashion. we love oversized items and mixing structured pieces with feminine fabrics. it's always more exciting when you step a little out of the box.

*hint - our jewelry is perfect for anything you wanna throw on 😊




this is an area where we tend to swoon and gather a lot of inspiration, surprisingly enough.  

the lines, the domes, the textures, the curves and the material variation. the is what we pull a lot of design elements from for our jewelry. so the next time you are staring at your favorite fancy gray jewelry, you'll know where we got it from.




what inspires us most, is you. we are inspired by what you look at, what you wear, where you go, your house, your hair, your loves, your passions and what makes you tick.

we want to know the places you like to hang out at, the best tacos you ever had, your favorite pair of jeans and how you matched that pillow so well will that throw blanket.


when we feed off your vibes, we design and create. we create with you in mind. how will you wear this?

what will you wear it with?

what will you do while wearing it?

we want each design to match your mood, your event, your outfit and well...your life.

because every moment you step out into the world for everyone to see, you should feel a little fancy.


stay you.

stay fancy.


fancy gray.


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*want to be our next inspiration and considered as our next fancy gray muse of the month? contact us at


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