fancy gray monthly muse.

fg. monthly muse


here at fancy gray we are inspired by so many of you. so much so, that we want to showcase as many strong and unique individuals as we possibly can.

each month we choose a monthly muse.

a fancy gray monthly muse is someone that inspires us as a brand, in lifestyle and design.

we create for you, to fit into your life. it’s your journey, we just want in!


meet our may muse with a quick q and a


Caitlin Miyako.

Instagram - @caitlinmiyako

we are pretty smitten with Caitlin, and we think you will be too.


what is your name, and where are you originally from? 

my name is Caitlin Miyako Taylor and i’m from Los Angeles


tell us a bit about what you're up to at the moment- creative endeavors, projects, and adventures.  

i just graduated and am focusing on freelance content creation and
creative projects full-time, so I’m enjoying all the opportunities that come along with being in charge of your own schedule. i love working with both local and more well-known brands, and I’m hoping to take that work with me on some upcoming trips so I can do what I love while discovering new and inspiring places. 


when you want to escape, where do you like to go?  

a) lounging on the beach 
b) working at a coffee shop
c) enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant 
d) booking a flight somewhere exotic

i love food, and living in LA there are always so many new spots I'm excited to try. It’s almost overwhelming. 


how would you describe your style? do you have any style icons? 

my style is largely determined by comfort. i live in denim and comfy t-shirts, and love accessorizing with statement bags, sunglasses, and shoes. I’m inspired by what I find on Pinterest and instagram, but for the most part I know what I like, and I stick to it. What can I say? i’m a creature of habit.


how does jewelry fit into your everyday style? what piece of jewelry do you wear the most?  

i love everyday jewelry — pieces that i can wear all day and never take off. dainty rings and necklaces that complement everything from a t-shirt and jeans to formal wear. 


choose one:

a) diamonds
b) gem stones
c) crystals 
d) all of the above- 



but lately I’ve been wanting to play around with more colorful gemstone pieces as well. we all have to have a little fun. 


choose one:

a) yellow gold
b) white gold
c) rose gold
d) silver 

yellow gold.


a 'fancy Gray muse’ is strong, positive and unique. we think you're all of those!
when was a moment in your life that you felt empowered by your individuality?

i recently had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with one of my favorite brands, Chloé, to celebrate the launch of their new fragrance. it's easy to second-guess yourself and constantly compare yourself to others in this line of work, but going on that trip and meeting the other women Chloé invited affirmed that my individuality is my greatest strength. 


what does your jewelry say about you? 

my jewelry says I find beauty in simplicity, and love the feeling of familiarity. 


fancy gray is all about living life with passion + pursue: What is something you are passionate about that people might not know? 

i love food. I grew up watching (read: bingeing) Food Network shows and have always been drawn to food and its magical ability to be a source of beauty and connection. 


go-to every day look: 

a) jeans and a tee
b) sun dress 
c) cool girl suit
d) leggings and hoodie 


jeans and a tee. always.


a behind the scenes look at Caitlin Miyako's photo shoot with talented photographer - Kathryn Zahorak @ktzahorak 



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